Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dutch Kitsch

The beloved Dutch children recently featured in the Toronto Star have been the cause of much curiosity. Dutch people are calling to see what other Dutch kitsch we have at winkel, others are offering their Dutch items for sale. Who knew so many folks out there collected this stuff? These two adorable children will never be for sale, but I'll be sure to pick up the next pair that crosses my path.

Watch for a future photo exhibit of some fine Dutch kitsch!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let's Get This Blog Started

While I slowly develop a proper website for the shop I will try to keep folks up to date on this blog. Check in for updates on new products and events at winkel.

It's been a very busy summer at winkel! Lots of great newspaper and magazine articles have brought many new visitors to the shop. It started in July with a lovely "Store of the Week" feature in NOW magazine which was very thrilling for me! Next, The National Post featured an article entitled "Go East" highlighting winkel and many other great independent shops along Queen Street East. More recently, The Toronto Star Shopping section featured Queen East as the "new Queen West". It was a very positive article about the variety of great little shops between Carlaw Avenue and Leslie Street and the response from the public has been fantastic. Many thanks to those journalists who support small business!

I've been expanding the card selection at winkel over the last month or so, and I'll be adding photos and links in the near future. My new favourite line of cards is from Bald Guy Greetings, a wickedly funny line of cards with Tim Burtonesque illustrations to match. Nightfire Press is another new card line at the shop. Sheena Kim makes lovely cards and coasters with vintage illustrations but the messages have a definitely modern twist. There's also lots more of the ever-popular Yee Haw Industries cards including some great new card sets with fruit and vegetable prints. I'm proud to say that winkel is the first shop in Toronto if not Canada to carry many of these cards, so if you're looking for a unique sentiment, we probably have that one-of-a-kind card to express it.