Thursday, March 08, 2007

Think Warm Thoughts....

As the temperature is supposed to creep up to 6 degrees this weekend, I'm thinking warm thoughts in hopes of SPRING. I've never been a snow bunny, even growing up with minus kajillion winters in Saskatchewan. I feel like I've done my time with cold weather, so by the end of February, I'm done! This is why I get a little wistful when I see things that remind me of warmer temperatures.....

Pour me a cold glass of sangria while I soak up the sun..............

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fine Dining

Chicken ala Tramp? Flaming Sword Dinners? Just a few of the tempting dinner suggestions in this 1953 menu from Nick Yanko's restaurant in Akron, Ohio. This is just a sampling of the HUGE collection of menus that I brought into the shop. I love the graphics inside and out!

This lovely from the New City Restaurant and Hotel in Georgetown, British Guiana is one of my favourites. It's a small menu, but the texture of the card stock and the cover image are sublime. Many holidays, many meals, and what a great souvenir from your travels. Plain paper printouts seem to be the norm these days, and if they put this much money into their menus you certainly wouldn't be allowed to take one home!

"All Fancy Dishes and Drinks Dispensed by Experienced Men" claims this menu from the Normandie in Quebec. Black Caviar on toast for a mere 75 cents, too!

Classic Trader Vic's. Swishy cocktail selections....

Dressed in your best, white linen tablecloths, the warm glow of tiny lamps on each table, AND a ceramic coconut for you to take home! Evenings out were such a classy affair.

The Brown Derby. Old Hollywood Glam. I love it! Please, someone open a restaurant like this NOW!

The Painted Desert Room at the Desert Inn in fabulous Las Vegas! I have three different menus from the Painted Desert. They would reprint them regularly to change the cover image and to change the headline entertainment information inside.

Jimmy Durante was on stage Sept. 1st, 1958, following Ed Sullivan who made his appearance on July 1st.

The Desert Inn was opened April 24, 1950 after four years of construction and 6.5 million dollars. In 1966, Howard Hughes bought the Inn for 7 million dollars, after having lived on the ninth floor for many years. Fast forward to 2000 when Steve Wynn bought the Desert Inn for a whopping 275 million. The Desert Inn closed its doors at 2am on August 28, 2000 and I believe the property has since become a golf course.

Frame the cover or the inside menu to create fantastic original artwork for a kitchen, hallway or powder room. A great gift for those who love to cook!

Bon Appetit!