Sunday, March 01, 2009


Winter is just not ready to let us go. The temperature has dipped below zero (AGAIN) and I'm desperate for some sign of spring around the corner. One of our local shops was selling apple blossom branches the other weekend--when it actually felt like spring--so I asked Marla to pick one up for the window. Pink blossoms have bloomed since then and it's a little taste of warmer weather while I'm still trudging around in hat, scarf and boots.

The branch inspired a little DIY project for Marla and her daughter Josephine who've been minding the shop during weekdays. They gathered a few fallen branches and hot glued pink, white and green tissue paper "blossoms" to the end of each branch. Delicate and rather lifelike, spring had sprung in the front window!

Once the orchard of blossoms had been created, Marla scoured the shop for all things Asian-inspired. Pottery, menus, figurines, art, and a lovely pair of lamps with a chinoiserie touch. These may have to come home with me one day.

"My little China girl says, 'Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.'"

-David Bowie