Sunday, December 10, 2006

Holiday Craft Project

I found this roll of lovely 70's vinyl wallpaper around the corner from the shop on Caroline Avenue this past summer. "I can make something with this" was my immediate dumpster-diver reaction and I scooped the roll and took it home. Months passed and with the holiday shopping season approaching I needed some window dressing inspiration. I remembered the castaway wallpaper and decided to make it into my store Christmas tree. I cut the form out of a large cardboard box--2 triangles the same size, one with a slit cut from top to bottom and the other from bottom to top. There were moments of "what was I thinking!" as I cramped up cutting MANY triangles out of the wallpaper, but some gooey double-sided tape made the assembly much quicker and VOILA!

I later added some vintage Christmas cards as the ornaments on the tree. I love how the wallpaper curls up at the edges. Reminds me of those wispy birch bark trees that are all around this year. You just never know where you can find Christmas decor. See you on garbage night!

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LauraJ said...

next time try spring loaded fiskars scissors!