Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Reading

Under a shady tree or cottage bound, here's a retro spin on picking up a good book this summer. Most of us remember some series of books that obsessed us through childhood. My mom was a Trixie Belden girl back in the day, and I read a few of the books that were still around when I was growing up. I loved the colour illustrations that wrapped around the whole cover.

I grew up in the seventies, and Shaun Cassidy made me a devoted Hardy Boy reader. My grandmother would treat me to a new mystery when we went to Coles bookstore at the Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon. I collected every single one. When I was a little bit older, I discovered the earlier editions of Hardy Boy books with the "burlap/tweed" covers. Very vintage cool...

Not too long ago, a woman came into the shop with her two young sons. In their best "Duuude" voices they exclaimed, "She's got Hardy Boy books!" She quickly told the boys to pick out the ones that they hadn't read and they both flopped to the floor and picked out six or so books. It was great to see kids get excited about BOOKS.

Who are the Power Boys? No idea.

A closer peek at "Halifax Adventure" revealed a Canuck connection in the world of teen mystery novels. The Brad Forrest Adventure Series (this Halifax volume was a gift to David MacDonald from his dad in 1968) follows a young U of T student who works at his father's newspaper business. Brad travels the globe covering stories for the paper, solving many mysteries along the way. He's Canada's answer to the Hardy Boys. Who knew? I've got to find me some more of these books!

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