Sunday, January 11, 2009

Get Your Act Together

Santa has made his way to Florida just in time to skip all the shovelling that's happening at Winkel these days and the Christmas decor is put away for another year. Spring cleaning seems to be the order of the day and with that the urge to organize our lives.
Art School Girl, a recent addition to the independent card artistes we like to support at the shop, has this oh-so practical perpetual calendar for those of us with good intentions but not so good follow-through with calendars and day planners. You know when you buy that sassy planner to keep track of important dates, notes and numbers, but by April it's settled into some deep dark corner of your home or office, neglected until year's end when you can no longer use it. This is why I like non-committal calendars that let me fill in the days (when I'm really on top of things) and not worry about an "expiry" date at the end of the year.

The clever folks at Re-Cover Journals have added a Re-mind Planner to their recycled book cover journal selection, with fill-in-the-blank months/days as well as handy paper pouches and an address book in the back. Very together on the inside, but unique one of a kind covers taken from retired old books make sure that no two are alike. I love these!

So it's January 11th, 2009. Have you got it together?????

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