Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leslieville Past

Leslieville has changed a lot in the past five years. Many old storefronts have been converted to accomodate the new businesses opening along Queen Street, and some times a bit of history is sacrificed along the way. These tin ceiling tiles were rescued from a building near Logan and Queen which is now a butcher shop. The installation of new duct work meant that the original ceiling had to be ripped out and there was no way for them to re-use the tiles.

After brushing off loose flakes of paint, I just hung one up on the wall and I love how it catches the light coming in from the door. If you're a little more formal, you could also have a simple frame made to finish the edges and you've got a great piece of original artwork that is also a bit of Leslieville history.

There are lots of ways to breathe new life into old tin tiles. Create decorative panels for the face of a counter or bar by attaching the tiles and finishing with a little trim. For an original tabletop, just inset the tiles on a board and cover with a piece of clear glass. I've also seen some interesting birdhouses made from salvaged bits of wood and trim with tin tile roofs. Below are a couple of projects for inspiration.

This cabinet gets a new life with sections of tiles cut to fit into the front door panels. The patina of the tin matches the age of the wood perfectly. Cleaned up and sealed, three tiles hung in a row make a very cool headboard. Finding a throw cushion with needlework that mimics the pattern of the tiles finishes off a great rustic modern look.

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