Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pulp Fiction

Last year I recommended revisiting childhood adventure books for your summer reading, but as the temperatures have soared these past couple of weeks I've been in the mood for a steamier bit of entertainment. The gem pictured above is the autobiography of Lynn Keefe, " of the nation's most successful women of pleasure." Apparently the book was made into a film, but I don't imagine it appearing on any Blockbuster shelves near you. Perfect read for a sunny afternoon at the beach.

Hey, Amy Winehouse! Get outta the jungle!

"...a tense and gripping drama of violence and murder which builds and builds to the most horrible, shocking climax imaginable!"

Get Tarantino on the phone, this one's right up his alley. He could even cast Winehouse in the lead as part of her inevitable comeback.

Sure, it's great to engross yourself in a critically acclaimed bestseller, but a quick fix of trash goes so well with a cold drink on a hot day.

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